Sunday, March 8, 2015

Another Very Warm Day

Before daylight saving time, it was light here at 6 am when I would let Hiker outside, but now it is dark at that time again, so I went back to bed after Hiker came back in. Fell back to sleep until around 8 am. Got up and made some waffles for breakfast and then drove over to the Kaiser Pharmacy to pick up my 2 blood pressure prescriptions.
While I was there I asked them what it would cost me to pay for my Crestor “out-of-pocket” since Medicare informed my doctor that they don’t cover it. They told me that they could not give me an exact price until the prescription was processed, but she told me that when other members got it and paid for it themselves, it was a couple of hundred dollars for a one month supply.
My doctor had suggested that he switch me to Lipitor but he’d have to double the dosage since Lipitor is only half as strong as Crestor. I need to discuss with him about the fact that Lipitor can cause diabetes in women. I see him on Tuesday for my annual check-up.
While washing my sheets and towels, I decided to wash my blankets too so that took me awhile. Also gave myself a haircut.
Watched “Murder She Wrote” all day on Hallmark.
It was so pretty outside. I wish I was completely well so Hiker and I could go out for a walk or a hike, but I don’t want to overdo like I did on Friday. Hiker and I did go out on the patio this afternoon. It was 88° again today. Someone in the neighborhood was bar-b-quing something and the aroma was amazing.

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  1. The price of medications these days is through the roof. But what are we going to do? Love the pic of Hiker. Those flowers sure look pretty.


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