Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hiker Was a BAD Dog

OK….I am totally ready for this cold to be OVER!
It has really done a number on my poor body. No vomiting, no fever, but I feel so weak. I don’t ever remember a cold getting me down like this one has. My head is still stuffy and I feel so tired all of the time.
I have never been sick for more than 3 or 4 days. Sooner or later, I’m going to have to go get some groceries and go to the pharmacy for me B/P meds, so I need to get better. I do NOT like having to rely on others to help me do things and I hate asking for help. I’m supposed to meet the group girls for lunch on Tuesday, but don’t know if I will be able to make it. I have my annual check-up with my doctor on Wednesday, plus I have an appointment with my retinal specialist on Friday, which was a reschedule for missing my appointment with him last week.
Around 10 am, my neighbor Sally called me and said she was heading over to the store and asked if I needed anything. Told her I did need some orange juice. I thought it was so sweet of here to call and ask.
I’m not used to not being able to just get out of bed and do things. Today I had to change the sheets on my bed because I’ve been sleeping on those sheets while I’ve been sick all week and I’m sure they were full of all kinds of germs.
I really feel sorry for Hiker. This is the first time since I got her that I’ve been sick and she totally does not understand why we are not doing the things we normally do. She just sits and stares at me. But right now I am so mad at her. Here I am sick and feeling like crap. Hiker saw a cat in the front yard and went crazy and she totally destroyed the mini-blinds on the front window. Just ripped them apart, just like you see the photos on the Internet where dogs have done that. I’m thinking she has cabin fever from us not playing outside, going for walks and car rides, etc. Dogs do things that they would not normally do when they get bored, and I’m sure she is bored from my being sick for over a week. Now I’ll have to get another blind to put in there, but I cannot do it until I’m completely well, and who knows when the heck that will be. She’s lucky I’m not the type of person who beats their dog because I am so mad at her.

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  1. My cats destroyed the mini blinds in my laundry room so I understand your frustration with Hiker. I'm sure she did not mean to do it. The cat got the better of her.


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