Friday, March 27, 2015

What Happened To Spring?

Up early for the Friday dog walk. Was already warm at 7:30 am when we headed out. It’s like we totally skipped Spring here in SoCal. Went straight from Winter right into Summer. YUCK!
After the dog walk and play date, had some breakfast and then had to clean my master bathroom. I had not deep cleaned it since before I got sick with that cold, so I gave it a really good scrubbing.
Had to trick Hiker into going outside on the patio so I could put her flea and tick spray on her. She sees me get it out of the closet, so she knows what’s up and she hides. So I went and cleaned the bathroom first so she’d forget that I got it and she then came out onto the patio with me and I was able to apply the spray. I don’t know why she hates it so much. She knows that it’s not going to hurt her.
By 2 pm it was 96° here. The heat makes me feel tired. The days that it was in the 70’s, I felt like getting outside and walking/hiking with Hiker, but this heat makes me just want to sit and watch TV. Had my fans going. Don’t want to uncover the A/C just yet.
Can’t sleep in too late tomorrow morning because my neighbor Jean and I are going over to the Placerita Nature Center. My friend RuthAnne is a docent there and she does a flower walk every month.

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  1. WOW that sounds like you are in a heat wave. 96. It was barely 30 here yesterday. Glad you found a way to get Hiker's Tick and Flea spray on her.


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