Saturday, March 28, 2015

Fun Morning At The Nature Center

Well today was an interesting and educational day. My friend Jean picked me up around 9 am and we headed over to the Placerita Nature Center here in Santa Clarita, CA for the “Blooms of the Season” wild flower walk. My good friend RuthAnne Murthy is a docent at the center and she was our guide for the morning hike. RuthAnne also volunteers as a docent over at our train station museum in our Santa Clarita, CA Heritage Junction.
RuthAnne took us on the Ecology Loop Trail at the nature center for about a one mile hike exploring the wild flowers that are blooming in the canyon. There were about 15 people in our little party and we had a very enjoyable tour. We also came across some lizards and some huge caterpillars along the trail.
It was sunny and warm, with a beautiful blue sky overhead.
At the end of the tour, my friend Jean and I went in to see the new museum that just opened a few weeks ago at the nature center. There were dioramas with all kinds of exhibits on our local wildlife. There were also some live creatures, i.e. snakes, toads, turtles and birds.
When Jean and I left the nature center, we drove up to New Leash On Life Rescue Shelter as Jean had some items to donate to them. After that, we headed home.
Usually I hang around my house on Saturday mornings to wait for the lawn mowers. I need to be there to let them into my back yard through the garage. I figured they would be done by the time I got home, but there were just doing my front yard when we pulled up, so I was able to let them into the back yard, so that worked out good.
Got up to about 90° here today which was about 5 or 6 degrees cooler than yesterday.

My friend RuthAnne guiding us on the wild flower walk.

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  1. The nature walk sounds interesting for sure. LOVE that owl. The dioramas must have been delightful to see.


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