Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cloudy Day

Hiker didn’t wake me until almost 6:30 am to go outside this morning. I was really sleepy so we went back to bed.
When we got up at 8 am, it was very cloudy and gloomy outside and it stayed that way all day. My brother Ron emailed that he was having some drizzle up in Northern California.
After breakfast, I headed up to the 97¢ Store. I had noticed the other day when Jean and I were there that they had some things I needed, but I didn’t feel well that day, so I didn’t buy anything at that time. After leaving the store, I went up to the post office to mail my “specimen” to Kaiser’s lab to complete my physical.
I had planned to do some housework today, but when it’s dark and cloudy outside, it is too dark inside to really see what you are doing, even with the lights on. So instead, I paid a bill online and then went into the California Tax page and paid the money I owed on my state tax returns. I noticed that my refund from the feds was in my bank account as of this morning.
Ran my weekly scans on my computers and then noticed that I was having problems opening a certain Excel file that I had so I had to take time to figure that out. Then I got an email from PayPal telling me that they noticed some unusual activity on my account, so I had to check that out. I didn’t see anything unusual myself, but I went ahead and changed my password and security questions like they asked me to do. I’ve never added a bank account number to my PayPal account. I just use them to make charity donations from one of my credit card.
Was going to do housework tomorrow but got a call from Kaiser to come to Panorama City for my bone density test at 10:45 am tomorrow.

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  1. I like days when you just run errands and take care of business at home. it was wise to change your paypal information just in case. But I hope you did not do it from the link in the email.


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