Saturday, March 21, 2015

Another Nice Day For A Flower Hike

Hiker and I lazed in bed until around 8 am this morning. Got up and made some pancakes for breakfast then turned on the “Ghost Whisperer” marathon.
I wanted to take Hiker out for a hike today since I was told I need to get more exercise and more Vitamin D from the sun because I have Osteopenia. We had to wait until after the mowers came by so I could let them in the back yard.
Before they came, I was trying to take a photo of a new hummer that has been hanging out in my back yard. It is so pretty. Has about 3 or 4 colors, but every time it came to the feeder, it either got spooked by Hiker or another hummer came by and they took off together. I’m going to eventually get a photo of it.
After the mowers left, Hiker and I drove over to Pico Canyon. I thought maybe I could get some photos of wild flowers there. There were a few, but not as many as there was about 5 or 6 years ago. A small Gopher Snake slithered across the road in front of us. Hiker didn’t even see it and it got away before I could get a picture of it. It was about 16” long and about as big around as my little finger.
They allow mountain bikers in Pico Canyon. Most of them are very polite, but some of them come around the blind corners way too fast and Hiker and I had to dodge them. Hiker is already afraid of bicycles, and them almost hitting us doesn’t help. They should at least have a horn or a bell to let you know they are coming around the corner, or at least slow down when they can’t see what’s ahead.
When we got home, I picked up the mail. I thought I had gotten my check returned from the Franchise Tax Board, but it was just a letter from them telling me that I should be getting it in about a week or two. Instead of sending the letter, they could have just sent the check.
It was about 85° here today.

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  1. Pico Canyon looks like a very pretty area. Perfect for exploring with Hiker. I agree the bicyclists should warn you they are there. The possibility for an accident is far too great.


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