Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Decided to start doing some major house cleaning today. By that I mean going through closets, drawers, nooks, etc. and cleaning out old papers, boxes, junk, etc. I did this right after I retired 6 years ago. At that time, I remember Ben insisted I not toss anything until after he looked through everything in case there was something he wanted to keep. Every day when he got home from work, there was a big stack of stuff waiting for him to look through out in the garage. Some of it he had me keep but most of it he told me to toss. This time I won't have him to double-check me. I started cleaning some things up after I got back from a short walk with Hiker. We had a bunch of boxes stacked on a shelf over the hall closet. They were boxes from when we bought computers, printers, speakers, etc. Ben always wanted to keep them because he said if we ever got to move to Ferndale, we'd need them for packing the items that came in them to take with us. I should have tossed them a few years ago because we knew we were never going to get to move up there. Then I started to go through some paperwork, but didn't get very far because I got a call from our community office to tell me they were negotiating with Time Warner about the Internet service and digital phone service that TW said they were dropping. They feel they will have an agreement with TW by the end of the week. Because of what I heard from my neighbor Charlene and my friend Linda about the problems they have with U-Verse and the terrible service they get from AT&T, I decided to call AT&T and cancel the order for them to install this package in my home. I was on the phone waiting for an AT&T representative to pickup for 15 minutes and then when she did, she told me she was not authorized to cancel orders, she could only place orders, so she had to call the department that can cancel it and after she waited for them to pickup for over 20 minutes (while I was also still holding the line) she came back online and told me that they were not picking up so she was going to go to her manager to have her cancel the order. Now I'm waiting for the manager to call me back to confirm that the order has been canceled. The rep gave me her manager's direct phone number and told me that if I do not hear from her by around 5:00 this evening that I should give her a call. What a pain in the ass! That is ridiculous that the reps can place an order but not cancel one. I've called that AT&T manager twice now and kept getting her voice mail so called their Customer Relations Department and after being on hold for an hour, I hung up. Companies just do not run like they used too.

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  1. I used to keep the boxes for my electronics, too. Tossed them all when I moved. I hate dealing with, so called, "customer service" departments.


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