Monday, January 2, 2012

Waiting For The Heating Man

Darn, I'm going to lose the Hallmark Channel when I switch to AT&T U-Verse. That is one of my favorite channels. That's just about all I watched during the month of December. Hiker was driving me crazy this morning because she was wanting to go for a morning walk. I needed to wait until I heard from the heating people about the furnace. Did not hear from them by 9:30 am so I called them back. The guy's wife said he would get here before noon. Kept hoping it was just the thermostat because I noticed last week that it would get down to 70° before the heater would come on even though I have the thermostat set to come on when it gets to 72°. was NOT the thermostat. Joe (the heating guy) said that the switch that starts the motor was not resetting and that it was stuck in the “off” position. He said that this was the ONLY thing he could find wrong and had no idea why it was sticking and not resetting. He got the switch to work, but we both agreed that he should replace the switch just in case. Joe told me that mine is the only one of these furnaces that he has installed, so he is not very familiar with them, but he thinks he found the problem and told me to call him if I still have a problem later on. He also said that the motor seems to run “hot” but he said maybe that is normal for this furnace. Like he told me...”they don't make them like they used too”. Naturally because I just passed the one year mark on getting the furnace, the warranty had expired (isn't that always the way?), so it cost me $95 for the switch and his service call, which I didn't think was that bad really. Took Hiker out for a 1.5 mile afternoon walk so she has finally settled down. While Joe was here, she kept wanting to go see what he was doing but I kept telling her to stay away so she would go over and “hide” under the dining room table. Got up to 83° here today. I didn't watch the Rose Parade. Ben and I never watched it. He would turn it on for the beginning just to watch the B-2 Bomber fly over, but that was it. After that, we usually took off for a long drive somewhere.


  1. Hello Kay!

    Happy New Year! Sorry to hear about your furnace. Thats never a fun experience! :( I liked your picture!! Hope you are doing better!!

  2. That is always the way with warranties, just as they expire something goes wrong. Don't you hate having to put everything on hold while you wait for a tradie and poor Hiker wouldn't understand that. I just love the photo of you and her being all friendly and happy. keep it up , you are doing well.

  3. Hope that furnace works right now. Cute picture of you and Hiker. Helen


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