Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Been Out All Day

Would you believe that we got up to 90° here today? Crazy for winter huh? Took hiker out for a short walk this morning because I had to go down to the community office and pay my land lease plus I had to head over to the Senior Center for my grief group. I spoke with the community manager about the Time Warner situation. She told me that there have been some “WiFi” people here in the community and that “maybe” the owners were going to set up a WiFi for all of us, but I'm not too sure about how secure a community WiFi would be. I'm thinking it would be kind of like when you are in a coffee shop or at a motel using their WiFi. It is NOT a secure hook-up and people can hack into your accounts easier. I'm also hoping that I made the correct decision to go with AT&T U-Verse for their triple bundle because I've had one of my neighbors tell me that she is on the AT&T U-Verse right now and she is not happy with it and is thinking about switching to something else. Oh well, will just have to wait and see. I put Hiker in the garage for while I was at the Senior Center. She was very reluctant to be out there. She was down on her belly with her ears drooping looking so sad. She just does NOT want me to be away from her at all. Her breed is very loyal to their “person” and they are usually a “one-person” dog. The grief group was very good today. A lot of good interaction from everyone again. After group, my friend DeDee and I met our friend Linda at the pizza parlor for lunch. When I got home, Hiker was so excited to see me that she would not leave me alone. I saw that my brother Ron had called and left a message, so I called him. While I was talking to him, Hiker would not stop chewing on me and barking. She wanted to get out for another walk. After I hung up with him, I took her out for a walk in the dry riverbed. My friend Paula sent me the coolest thing in the mail. It's a “Pet Top” for water bottles. She thought it would be a good thing for Hiker when we are out walking/hiking. So sweet of Paula to buy it for Hiker. Thank you my friend. Well, I need to get on Facebook and see what's going on there.

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