Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cloudy Day - Feeling A Little Down

When I got up to feed Hiker and let her out to go potty this morning, it was still very dark outside. Must have been cloudy. They kept saying we “might” get some drizzle today but they are also saying that we may actually get a good rain storm this coming Friday and Saturday. We really do need some rain. January is usually out wettest month and we have not had a drop. I've been feeling “depressed” this weekend. I still think it has to do with the fact that I have to go to the doctor Monday morning. I really dread going but cannot get my blood pressure medication renewed until I see him. Today, Ben has been gone for 7 months, that is if you go by dates instead of actual days. Can't believe that's it's been over half a year. But then with the time he was in the hospital, he's been gone from home for 11 months. Took Hiker out for a short walk this morning because I needed to get back and do some laundry, vacuum the carpets and run over to the market. Also ran my dishwasher. That I do only about once a month now since I wash most of my dishes in the sink right after I use them. I learned a couple of good hints from people in my grief support group. The first was to make sure I use both of my bathrooms. After Ben died, I cleaned the bathroom he used the most and then I didn't go in there much. It was only being used if I had visitors, but Ernie at my group told me that he did the same thing with his wife's bathroom after she died. Then he had plumbing problems because he was not flushing the toilet in that room and he had to hire a plumber and it cost a lot to get it fixed. So now I try to use that bathroom equally as I do the master bathroom. The other thing I learned from my friend DeDee, she told me to run my dishwasher. She wasn't running hers and she had problems with it. I guess the lining in it starts to rot if you don't use it and it will start to leak, so I try to run it every now and then too. Spent most of the day working my latest jigsaw puzzle and watching movies on The Hallmark Channel. Never did get any rain. In fact the sun was out most of the time today. Took Hiker out for an afternoon walk. It was cloudy and cool and there was no one else out walking.


  1. Kay I'm sorry you are feeling down right now :( Wow, I didn't know not using your toilet or dishwasher for a while would make it stop working right. Hopefully you will get some rain soon there. We haven't gotten any snow here since Halloween, usually by now we have gotten a few snowstorms. I am thinking of you Kay. Hope you start to feel less depressed very soon!!

  2. Hope you feel better soon Kay. It's just two of us here I usally use my dish washer about every other day. I hope you get rain soon it rained here for a few days during Christmas, but it's getting dry again. Take care. jean


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