Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunny Sunday

Was very tired this morning when I woke up. Don't know if it was from cleaning out the closet yesterday or from crying all day yesterday. I went to bed before 9:00 pm last night. Had weird dreams all night long. I don't really remember much about the dreams except that I remember Betty White was in one and Tim Allen was in another one. Don't remember much about the one with Betty White but I remember that in the one with Tim Allen, he kept telling me there was something wrong with my car and he could tell from the sound of the engine. Strange. Went to get my lottery tickets and then drove Hiker over to our Central Park in Saugus for a 1.5 mile walk. They have a dog park there, so there are always a lot of different dogs running around. I don't let Hiker loose in the dog park because I'm afraid she would not come back if I let her off the leash. Talked with a young man who was walking his cattle dog. She was mostly Border Collie. He asked me about Hiker, if she was a cattle dog. We talked for a few minutes about how smart they are. He said his had learned how to get into the locked doggie treat cabinet. The weather was beautiful this afternoon, so I took Hiker out for another 1.5 mile walk. I sure get a lot of exercise with her. She's not your typical dog who stops and sniffs everything. She keeps right up walking with me and very rarely stops.


  1. Kay, sounds like a nice walk with your dog. My Golden gets so excited when we get her leash out. She loves to go anywhere. I watched the special for Betty White's birthday, I never laughed so much. She is a hoot. Have a great evening.

  2. I hate to hear that you cried. I just hate that it hurts so much. Hope you sleep better tonight. Give Hiker a big hug for being there for you! So glad. I have been uneasy to take our dog to the dog parks b/c she is is so tiny compared to the big dogs and I've been afraid they will hurt her or me. I just like the security of our own yard and we walk around to the cemetary and get a pretty good walk in if I walk around our property a while. You have a good week. Can't believe it is almost Monday.


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