Monday, January 23, 2012

The Rain Came & Went

Was raining when Hiker woke me up this morning around 6:00 am. Had a bunch of dreams again last night, but did not remember any of them this morning. Went to Wal-Mart right after breakfast to pick up a few groceries that I was running out of. While there, I bought Hiker a new chew bone and a new squeaky toy. As soon as we got home I took them out of the bag and gave them to her. She grabbed the squeaky toy (we have named Rainbow) and she started running all over the house with it. We name her toys because she knows which ones are which. Most people do not believe that until I prove it to them by telling her which toy to get out of the pile and she always gets the correct one. Since it was raining, I did not take her for a morning walk but the sun came out in the early afternoon so she and I headed for the park. Luckily I took an umbrella because it started to rain on us and we had to hurry back home. It reminded me of when Ben was alive. He always knew where I was going for my walks. He insisted on knowing because he always worried about me. There were times that I would go out for a walk and he'd tell me “you are going to get rained on” and I'd say, “that's OK, I have an umbrella”, but when the rain would start, he'd jump in the car and come looking for me. I'm so lucky to have been loved like that.


  1. Good pic of you and hiker. Me and Buddy have been walking. He is overweight and the doctor has fussed at me. Buddy looks so forward to a long walk. Take care Kay. Glad you are walking Hiker. It's good for us too.

  2. She sure is a clever dog. I'm sure she loves you very much too and will take care of you as best she can. You were lucky to have such a caring partner in Ben and he will have given you strength to get along by yourself.

  3. Aww...thats so neat that Hiker knows which toys by the names you give them!! Thats so nice that your husband would drive to where you were walking if it started raining!! Sounds like a very nice man!! Great post Kay :)


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