Monday, January 9, 2012

Someone Got A Bath Today...I Wonder Who?

After our morning walk, Hiker and I had our breakfast and then I went back out into the garage and started tossing some things and cleaning some things up. So far I have not come across anything else that made me cry. Sometimes it's hard to figure out where to put things on the shelves. I'll probably end up moving some things around again once I've gone through everything. Worked out there for about 1.5 to 2 hours. Started to run out of room in the trash bins so gave up for the day. Decided it was time to give Hiker a bath. She HATES taking a bath, but she got one anyway. She sure is shedding a lot. Was a beautiful day out today. Got up to about 78°. Took Hiker out for an afternoon walk because the weather was so beautiful. We were heading back home when these 3 teenage boys came down the path on skateboards. They were going pretty fast and they went across the bridge that goes over the wash and when they hit a metal plate, it made a really loud noise. Well it scared the heck out of Hiker. She leaped up into the air as if she was jumping out of the way and if she had not been on her leash, I'm sure she would have taken off running and not come back. I'm thinking that maybe when she was a stray, wandering around, that maybe a car almost hit her or something and that stayed in her memory. When she heard that noise, it brought back that memory and scared her. Since we've been home, she has been following me around closer than normal.


  1. Aww...poor Hiker. Yeah, I'm sure that memory stays in her head. The last picture is so cute!! I'm glad today is nicer out!! Thats good that you are going through some stuff!! I'm sure its hard :( Hope your evening is going well!!

  2. Poor hiker, spooked by bad memories and then a bath as well. It wasn't her day. She looks so cute on the lounge. Just look at her "look".


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