Sunday, February 10, 2013

A 2 Mile Walk And A 4 Mile Hike

Keith, Hiker and I were very active today. After we got up this morning, we took Keith's car over to Big-O to leave overnight to have some work done on, struts, etc. After we left Big-O we headed over to Valencia Heritage Park to walk along the San Francisquito Creek bike/walking path. We did 2 miles there. Came back home and sat around the house for a little while, then Keith and I headed out for lunch. While we were out, we went to Best Buy and I purchased a Wii Game Console because I want something to exercise with when I can't get outside because of the weather. We then came back home and picked up Hiker and headed over to Pico Canyon for another 4 mile hike. I had just been there with Jean last week, but Keith had not hiked there for awhile and he wanted to go over there. It was starting to get cloudy. While there I got to meet a Facebook friend in person. Teri Crane and her daughter were there and Teri came up and introduced herself to me. She recognized me, Hiker and my brother Keith from my photographs on Facebook. We got back home a little after 3:30 pm. Hiker was pooped from her busy day.

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