Friday, February 22, 2013

I Remember This Day 2 Years Ago

On this date 2 years ago, Ben went in to have the colonoscopy that eventually caused his death. I wish so much now that he had never had that procedure. I remember him joking the day before that he would never understand why the preparation for the procedure was so much worse than the actual colonoscopy. He could not wait to get it over with and go home to have some dinner. But he could not eat that night because he felt so bloated from the gas and fluids that were building up in his intestines. He was miserable all that night. Little did we know that night that it was going to end up the way it did. Did a dog walk with Jean this morning and then let the dogs play in my backyard for about 45 minutes. Got my results from my blood work back and was pleased with most things, especially my Glucose count which is usually between 102 and 108 was only 94 this time. My cholesterol and triglycerides were higher this time than they were last time. Last time they were the lowest they had been in a long time. My lipid problem is genetic so diet and exercise don't help and I cannot take the statins because they cause other problems. Last time I did blood work I was taking Red Yeast Rice on my doctor's recommendation and my numbers were lower, but still higher than wanted. When my RYR ran out, I decided to try Cholesto-off because it was cheaper, but now I know that was a mistake because my numbers went up again. I'll have to go back on the Red Yeast Rice. I'll see my doctor next Wednesday. Went to the first installment of my AARP Senior Driver Safety class at the senior center this afternoon. They told us it was from 1 pm to 5 pm, but we were done and out of there at 3:30. Have to go back tomorrow morning at 8:30 am to finish up the with the second installment.

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