Monday, February 18, 2013

Busy Morning, Nice Afternoon Hike

Got up early to do a dog walk with Jean. It was all overcast here due to a thick marine layer. The sun finally came out but we are supposed to get rain tomorrow and the snow level will drop to about 2500 feet. After the walk and about 30 minutes of the dogs playing in my backyard, Jean left and Hiker and I each had poached egg for breakfast. I then had to do a little house cleaning, which I hate with a passion, but someone's got to do it. My body is sore from playing the games on my Wii. I play mostly the tennis and the baseball games, so I use my arm, shoulder and back muscles a lot. After lunch, Hiker and I drove over to Whitney Canyon and did a short 2 mile hike. I had not been in that canyon since just before Ben went to the hospital 2 years ago, so it was nice to see some different scenery. Hiker had never been there, so she had a bunch of new smells to check out. Did not hike all the way up to the waterfall. Since there was water in the creek that runs along the trail, I assume there is no water at the waterfall anyway. Got up to 65° here today and was a little hazy from the marine layer that never completely burned off.

Daffodil growing in my front flower bed

Afternoon hike

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  1. Oh Kay.... how I enjoy hearing of your adventures with Hiker & seeing your gorgeous pictures. I think you MUST live in one of the prettiest areas in the country. I never skim your blog... I always linger & enjoy your pictures. Thank you so much for posting them!!!



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