Thursday, February 28, 2013

And February Ends

Hiker and I got up this morning around 7 am. I fell asleep on the sofa last night before 9 pm and I was mad because I missed “Criminal Minds” and “CSI”. Woke up in the middle of “Criminal Minds” and went to bed and fell right back to sleep. We did not go for a morning walk because I had a service technician coming between 10 and 11 am to service my whole house water filter. He didn't show up on time and I was getting ready to call his office when they called me and told me he was running late and was on his way. He finally got here around 12:10. It took him a little over 45 minutes to change out the filter. Won't have to have it changed again for 3 more years. Finally had some lunch a little after 1 pm and by the time I finished, I was totally out of the mood to take Hiker out for a walk which is bad because it was a beautiful day and Hiker and I should try to get out and walk every day. Whoever had Hiker before me must have locked her up when they punished her for anything. I had put her in the bedroom and closed the door so the tech could come in the house when I paid him. After he left, I went to let her out and she was “hiding” in the corner, cowering. I guess when you “shut the door” on her, she thinks she has done something bad. I felt sorry for her. Jean came by with her dogs to make sure we were still on for our dog walk in the morning. She had gone to pick up her mail and stopped by the house so her dogs could see Hiker. Hiker was out in the backyard when they got here and she started barking and wanting in. When she came in, she went flying to the front door to see her buddies.

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