Monday, February 25, 2013

Nice Monday

No dog walk this morning as Jean had an appointment with her tax preparer, so I went to the bank and then over to the grocery store to do my shopping. When I got home, I mopped my kitchen floor and then settled down to watch my “soap”. I thought I had hurt her early. We were playing with her stuffed hedgehog. She will bring it to me and drop it wanting me to kick it so she can chase it. Well this time, just as I was getting ready to kick it, she dove for it and I accidentally kicked her in the face. She did not yip but she just kind of stopped and sat down. I think it stunned her some. When I kick the toy, I don't kick it hard, so thankfully I had pulled back on the kick and didn't send Hiker sailing across the room. I immediately checked on her and she seemed fine. She kept kissing me and then she went and got the toy and brought it to me again, so I don't think she was hurt at all. She's been acting normal all day. She learned though, because now when I CAREFULLY kick the toy, she is hanging back away from it. After lunch, Hiker started bugging me to go for a walk. I had planned to take her down to Discovery Park but she had a different idea. When we got down to the corner she turned right instead of left, so we ended up walking around inside the gated community. I like to let her take me for walks sometimes just to see where she will take me. It was beautiful outside today. Got up into the mid-70's.

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