Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Good Doctor Visit

I was the first patient for my doctor at his office this morning. I love being first because I know he is not backed up because other patients were late. I didn't have to even dis-robe this time because I didn't have to have anything major checked out. He took my B/P, listened to my heart and my lungs. Looked in my ear, throat and mouth. Felt my neck glands. He asked me about my exercise and how I am keeping myself busy. He told me that I was doing very well. He wants me back on the Red Yeast Rice since it seemed to lower my cholesterol/triglycerides some. He did not insist on me getting another colonoscopy, but gave me the home stool pack for me to take a sample and send it in to have it checked. He said he totally understand how I feel about it after what happened to Ben. Tomorrow (Feb. 28) is the second anniversary of when I took Ben over to Henry Mayo ER and they took him in for emergency exploratory surgery and found the first blockage in his intestines. I always get very sad around this time of year. I could not get into Sam's Club yet when I left the doctor's office because my membership won't let me in until 10 am and it was only 9:15 am, so I went to the Wal-Mart across the street from Sam's Club and picked up a small bottle of Red Yeast Rice. I'll get a bigger bottle next time I go to Sam's Club. When I got home, I took Hiker out for a nice walk. The weather was the mid-60's and a little breezy. I could hear my wind chimes all day. After lunch, I took Hiker over to Placerita Canyon Open Space and we wandered around on several of the trails. Got in another mile and a half for today, so we did almost 3 miles of exercise. It was a gorgeous day.

My front flower bed. My Daffodils and Gazanias are blooming, but still waiting for my Iris, Tulips and Glads.

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