Saturday, February 2, 2013

I've Been Busy Today

Slept in this morning. When we got up it was all overcast, warm and humid. They said we would have a layer of clouds but no rain. Had breakfast and then mopped my floors. Have been putting that chore off for too long. After the gardener left, I also checked out all of the stuff in my earthquake kit. I was supposed to do that in January, so I'm only 2 days overdue. Ben and I put the quake kit together in 1994 right after the big Northridge Earthquake. We used to “maintain” it every 3 months, then it got to be every 6 months, and then once a year. I had not checked it all out in about 8 or 9 months so thought it was time. I run the generator to make sure it starts and runs OK and I check the flashlights, batteries, food dates, etc. Did a load of laundry and rain the dishwasher. After lunch, finally got Hiker out for a short walk. It was still totally overcast and felt humid even though the temperature was in the high 60's. Didn't walk far because my feet, ankles, knees and hip joints were hurting. I've been trying to do longer walks with her lately and I think it is catching up to me. I really need to get back into shape for those long walks.

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