Thursday, February 7, 2013

Not Good News About My Eye Problem

Jean picked me up at 8:30 am and drove me over to our local Kaiser office for my appointment with the Ophthalmologist. The problem with my eye has gotten worse and the doctor put in a referral for me to see a Retinal Specialist down in Panorama City. I'll have to wait for them to call to set up an appointment and then I will have to try to find someone who can drive me down there because they will dilate my eyes and I won't be able to drive myself. If the appointment is prior to March 13, Jean said she can probably drive me, but she is having foot surgery on March 13 and won't be able to drive for awhile after that. Hopefully if that is the case, I'll be able to maybe get a friend from the grief group to drive me. I was driving Ben down to the Retinal Specialist down in Panorama City every 3 months before he got sick and went into the hospital. It's a pain in the butt! Hiker could tell when I got home from the doctor that I was not “myself”, that I was upset about something. She kept trying to kiss me and she kept making little “barking” sounds at me. Other widows will understand me when I say that it is scary when you have a medical problem and your spouse is no longer with you to help you get through it, no matter how small of a problem it is. After lunch, my left eye was almost back to “normal” in terms of being dilated. My right eye (the bad one) was still a little more dilated. They must have put more of the dilating drops in the right eye. Anyway, I wanted to get Hiker out for a short walk so I put on my BIG sunglasses that fit over my regular eyeglasses and we headed out. Ben used to refer to the sunglasses as “old fogey glasses”. It was cool out on our walk. Clouds starting to come in from the west which is the storm they say might bring us rain tomorrow. It was also getting windy outside. Around 2:30 pm I got a call from the Panorama City Kaiser to confirm my appointment with the Retinal Specialist for Friday, March 29 at 9 am.

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  1. I know Kay, it's hard not to have someone to help you and lean on when things aren't so good. I understand.


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