Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Nice Day

Colder this morning when we got up. It was only 24° at 6 am when I let Hiker outside. Jean came by at 9 am and we drove over to Vasquez Rocks and walked around for just under an hour. Climbed up to the top of the hill and looked at the scenery. Headed back home and dropped Hiker off, then we headed over to Round Table Pizza for their pizza and salad buffet. Picked up Keith's car from Big-O on the way back home. We were going to play Wii right after we got home, but heard that they had surrounded the cop killer Chris Dorner in a mountain cabin and were having a shootout, so we turned the TV new on, but after it calmed down some, we played some baseball on the Wii. After all of that pizza we had for lunch, might not need to eat dinner, but we do need to go for a walk to burn off some of the calories.

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  1. I was watching that whole scene go down on the internet, Kay, and thought of you... and wondered whether it was anywhere near you. I was praying for your safety.

    Boy, it IS cold there, isn't it! Your weather thingy says it's 52 degrees there now so that's not too bad... but waking up to 24 degrees there this morning was worse than here, in northern Indiana. Brrrr!!

    Keep warm, kiddo, and have a good rest of the week.



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