Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just Me & Hiker

Today was the last day of Keith's visit. We got up around 7 am and had breakfast and then went for a walk with Hiker. Keith packed up his car and he followed me up to the Sunland Sizzler where we met up with Ben's best buddy Ed for lunch. Had a really nice time with Ed as usual. Lunch was really good too. When we left Sizzler, Keith headed for home and I stopped by Sam's Club to fill the Corolla with gasoline. It was up to $4.059 there but that's cheaper than $4.159 that it is everywhere else. Hiker was very excited to see me when I got home and when I walked in the door, she looked behind me as if she was looking for Keith. She loves him. Beautiful day here today. Almost 80° this afternoon. I decided instead of an afternoon walk since we had already done a morning walk, that I would play with the Wii Sports. I played some Tennis, Baseball, Basketball and Bowling and I was working up a sweat. I love the Tennis. I have trouble with the bat in the Baseball...swing too soon to too late, but I am getting better with the Basketball. I Think I might like the Wii Fit Game, but I'll have to also buy a step board if I decide to buy that game.

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  1. What a lovely day it sounds like you had, Kay... and almost 80 degrees!! WOW!!! How wonderful!!

    Your Wii Fit sounds like fun. I've never done anything like that but maybe I'll have to start. I think our youngest daughter has a Wii but I'm not sure. It's a game system of some sort, that much I do know.

    Have a great rest of the week!!



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