Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Expensive Day At The Mechanic

Had an appointment to have my 4Runner serviced at the Toyota dealer this morning at 8 am. I originally went for the 6 month/5K service, but I told them to check the brakes because when I stepped on the brake pedal when coming down a hill, the vehicle would shake and I knew that usually means the rotors are going bad. Sure enough, they had to turn/resurface the rotors and install new brake pads. Also had to clean and adjust the rear brakes, plus had to have the differential serviced. Their records showed it had never been done and when I got home I checked the records Ben kept on the vehicles and sure enough, the differential had never been serviced. Also noticed in his records that he had the rotors turned several times and also had them replaced in 2007, so I'd say it was about time to do it again. After lunch, took Hiker on a walk, almost 2 miles. Nice and sunny and warm outside today, but we are supposed to get a cold storm coming in Thursday evening through Friday. It might rain and snow levels will drop to about 3000 feet. I am at about 1350 feet, so won't snow here. Tomorrow morning, Jean (my neighbor) is driving me to my Ophthalmologist to have a follow-up on the Macular Pucker in my right eye. They will dilate my eye so I cannot drive myself. I sure wish my investment company would hurry up and send me my 1099 for my Trust account. I want to go get my taxes done and that is the only paperwork I am still waiting for.

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