Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Little Cooler Today

Slept in again this morning. I wish I could get myself back into a regular walking routine, but I just don’t see to have the incentive.
Hiker and I did get out for a walk around 9:30 am. It was already 80°. If this warm weather keeps up, I will have to uncover the air conditioner and get my shorts back out again. It got pretty warm in the house yesterday but it does cool down pretty quick once the sun goes down.
Went out to play ball with Hiker after lunch. She likes to play for about 15 or 20 minutes and then she goes to the door to go in letting me know she’s done playing. I noticed that the sky was really pretty today with thin, brush-stroked clouds. Got my camera and took a few shots.
When I was uploading the photos to my computer, I noticed a black cat walking around in my back yard. The lady on the corner owns this cat and the cat loves to aggravate Hiker. It sits in my front yard and stares at Hiker through the window while Hiker has a barking fit. I just know that the cat does it on purpose. Hiker didn’t see it in her back yard but when it jumped the fence and walked past my front porch, Hiker went berserk. I always have to go out and chase the cat away because Hiker won’t stop barking until it is totally out of sight. I like the cat hanging around because it controls the rat population we have around here, but I wish it wouldn’t tease Hiker.
Once again it was in the low 90’s here but it didn’t seem as hot as it did yesterday because we had a breeze today. Yesterday the air was dead still.

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  1. i understand Hiker's reaction to the cat. My kitties also go berserk if they see another cat outside. Once their space has been invaded, there is no way to shut them up until the stranger disappears.


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