Sunday, November 30, 2014

Good-bye November

I cannot believe that tomorrow is December 1st.
Woke up around 3:30 am this morning and was having trouble going back to sleep, but I finally did. When we did get up, I noticed that the walkway in my back yard was wet, so I assumed it had drizzled some during the night. Not a good rain, but I guess anything is better than nothing.
It continued to drizzle on and off throughout the day. I did “indoor” stuff like wash sheets and towels, changed the sheets on bed and watch TV.
Around 11:30 am, the sky opened up and it poured for about 5 minutes, then it just kept drizzling, but no other good downpour.
Was cool enough for me to actually light a fire in the fireplace.

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  1. Wow a fire in the fireplace. It must have been cool there.. Haven't had one here yet.


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