Friday, November 7, 2014

Another Eye Injection

Hiker and I had our Friday morning dog walk with Jean and her dogs.
Jean picked me up at noon to drive me to Kaiser in Panorama City for my eye injection. Have not had one since July before my doctor had to do his jury duty. I have another one the first week of December.
Doctor said my eye is doing really good and he is really happy with the results of the injections, even though I don’t see any change in my vision. That is due to the other problem I have in that eye which is a Macular Pucker, which can only be fixed with surgery.
They are having the fundraiser dinner down at our rec room tonight, so Jean and I are heading down there just before 6 pm.


  1. Hope the injections do well for you. John has had three. He really can't notice any improvement either. It remains to be seen if they do more or not.

  2. If your doctor thinks the injections are working, then that's a good thing. Hope the fundraiser was fun.


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