Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Very Warm For November

Today was my “stay in bed until 8 am” morning. Didn’t sleep…watched TV. Got up and made breakfast and then I did some house work. Mopped and vacuumed. Then I ran my weekly scans on my computers.
After lunch and Y&R, I went over to Sam’s Club to pick up a few things that I was afraid I’d run out of before Monday. I do not plan on going anywhere near any stores between now and Monday.
Took Hiker for a very short walk around the neighborhood. It was 90° and too hot to walk more than we did. I noticed that several people have already started putting up their Christmas lights and decorations. I always wait until the weekend after Thanksgiving.
I’ve decided not to put up as many lights on the outside of the house as I did last year. I’m just going to put some around the front door and some other yard decorations. I’m getting too old to go up and down the ladder to put lights up.
I found out that Lockheed is not waiting for approval/conformation from Kaiser anymore. They are now waiting for the approval/conformation to come from Medicare (CMS). Kaiser already told me that they got the approval/confirmation from Medicare but now Lockheed has to get the approval/confirmation from them also. We all know how slow the government is, so who knows when they will get the confirmation.
Have gotten all of my “end of the year” big bills paid…home owner’s insurance, earthquake insurance, car insurance and my first installment on my property taxes. Now I’m waiting for the letter from the DMV for the renewal of my driver’s license.

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  1. I know what you mean about climbing a ladder. It is more difficult as we age. Sounds like you have a plan with the lights. HAPPY THANKSGIVING to you and Hiker.


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