Monday, November 10, 2014

Cooler Weather Today

Started our Monday dog walk with Jean and her dogs around 7 am. We noticed that Jean’s little dog Timmy was acting strange. He is about 11 years old now and he is slower than the other dogs, but today he acted like he just didn’t want to be out walking. We cut our walk short and went back to my house to let the dogs play for a while. Timmy was acting very tired and he seemed to be stumbling some.
Jean went home and called the vet to make an appointment for him and she emailed me and said his appointment is tomorrow morning. I know she is really worried about him. He was also drinking a lot of water and I know that when dogs have kidney failure, they start to drink a lot of water. She is thinking maybe he is diabetic. Hope he will be OK.
After Hiker and I had breakfast, I headed over to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things then stopped by the Dollar Tree and looked around a little.
It was cooler here today. Had a slight marine layer this morning which caused it to be hazy most of the day.
I received my confirmation letter today from Kaiser for my Medicare supplement account with them through Lockheed. They said in the letter that now Medicare has to review the account and approve it and I guess after that, Kaiser will send me my new medical card with them. I didn’t know that Medicare had to approve every new account.
Hiker and I drove over to our Central Park after lunch and did a mile and a half walk. They were filming something there out on one of the soccer fields. Looked like they were filming the players doing the same play over and over.

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  1. Poor Timmy. I hope whatever the problem is, it can be fixed.


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