Friday, November 21, 2014

Very Pretty Day

I don’t know if it rained here last night, but on the news this morning, I saw that they had some flash flooding in some areas and that they were having snow up in Big Bear and in Wrightwood. I didn’t hear any rain and my yard didn’t look wet this morning. I have a CBS weather app on my iPhone and I do recall last night that I heard a voice on my phone saying “your area is under a flash flood watch”.
Did our normal Friday dog walk with Jean and then Sally, Jean and I went over for the grand opening of the new Canyon Country See’s Candy shop. We got there about 8 minutes before the ribbon cutting and there was already about 50 people in line. In just a few minutes, there was another 25 or so people behind us. The handed out free See’s suckers and before we entered the store, they had us spin a wheel to get a prize. I got what they call an “Awesome Nut & Chew” candy bar. Jean got a bag of suckers and Sally got a little See’s hammer keychain. I heard one of the workers say that it’s a replica of what they use to “chop” the nuts they put in the candy. She said that they used the hammers when See’s first started and they still use them today. Everywhere you turned, a See’s worker was offering you a piece of candy. I bought a pound of my favorite milk chocolate orange creams.
Since Jean had a lunch to go to, we headed back home, but one of these days, the three of us need to get together and go shopping, go to lunch and make a day of it.
After lunch, I took Hiker over to Todd Longshore Park and we walked around for about a mile or so. Some kid was riding a skateboard there and that didn’t set too well with Hiker. She’s afraid of them, so after a while, we headed home.
Beautiful day here…in the mid to high 70’s.

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  1. That candy sounds delicious. I don't blame Hiker for being scared. Those skateboards can go real fast.


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