Monday, November 24, 2014


Did our dog walk with Jean this morning. It was only 38° when we left. My hands were so cold. I didn’t even think to take my gloves with me.
Yesterday, the neighbor just up the street and across from Jean found a stray dog. The dog had a license on its collar. Since the people who found the dog had to go to work today, they put the dog in their back yard. I put the dog’s photo on the Lost & Found Pets of SCV Facebook page. Jean called the local county shelter and asked them if they could help us find the owner if we gave them the number on the dog’s license. They gave us the dog’s name (Molly a senior Basset Hound) and they called the owner, who is an elderly gentleman who lives in our gated community. He was in having his dialysis done today and his wife is in the hospital. He told the shelter that he had some plumbers working at the house and they left the gate open and the dog got out, but he said Jean and I could take the dog home and put it in his back yard, so we did. Felt good to take her back to her home.
After breakfast, I went up to Pet Smart to look for a Christmas gift for Hiker to give to Jean’s two dogs (Sassy and Charlie), but didn’t find anything there, so went over to Target to pick up some Freshet dog food for Hiker and I got some treats there for her to give to them. I like to get holiday shopping done before all of the crazies get out.
Made a loaf of pumpkin bread. If it turns out good after I slice it, I’ll take it with me to my support group tomorrow to share.
Still very windy here all day.

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  1. Pumpkin bread sounds tasty. I know what you mean about getting your Christmas shopping done before this weekend's madhouse.


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