Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I Hate The Lockheed Employee Service Center!

Went to my support group at the senior center this morning. There were only six of us plus our leader there today. Guess everyone else has gone away for Thanksgiving Week.
Seems like the sessions are much more enjoyable when we have only a handful of people attending. I took the pumpkin bread I baked yesterday and everyone enjoyed it.
After group, four of us ladies went over to Jimmy Dean’s for lunch and had a great time chatting, as we always do.
Was only 38° here this morning when Hiker and I rolled out of bed at 7 am but by the time I got home from group around 2 pm, it was 85° on my patio. Strange how it can be so chilly in the morning and warm up that much in the afternoon.
I’m still having problems with Lockheed signing me up for my Kaiser Medicare. I thought it was all taken care of, but I keep getting notices and phone calls from Lockheed telling me that they have not received confirmation that Kaiser has approved me for their plan even though I have spoken to Kaiser who tells me that they have me all signed up and ready to go as of January 1st. I call Lockheed back and tell them that I’ve been approved and they say that they show me as “pending” with Kaiser but until they have the confirmation that they will default me to a catastrophic senior plan and which means when they start taking the money out of my Lockheed pension check to pay for my Medicare supplement, it will cost me almost $400 a month instead of the $126 it should cost me for the Kaiser plan. I go back and forth between Kaiser and Lockheed trying to find out who is supposed to contact who about the approval but I cannot seem to get an answer. Kaiser keeps insisting that Lockheed is supposed to have a liaison who gets the confirmation. I called Lockheed last week and they told me that I didn’t need to keep calling Kaiser because everything is pending. I spoke with Lockheed again yesterday and they told me that I’ve done all I need to do and that they are just waiting for the confirmation, but then today I get a letter from them dated 11/19/2014 stating that it is urgent that I get all of my paperwork back to Kaiser for Kaiser to approve me. I am so frustrated and it’s mostly with Lockheed. I’m hoping since I spoke to them after they mailed the letter that maybe things will work out soon. I know it’s causing my blood pressure to go up.

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  1. That insurance fiasco would raise your bp. Hope it's resolved quickly.


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