Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cloudy Day, But A Good Day At Support Group

Went to my support group at the senior center this morning. Had a small group and for some reasons, it seems that we have much better sessions when there are less people attending.
After group, me, DeDee, Jane and Carol went to lunch at Red Robin. They were already playing Christmas music in the background. By the time Christmas gets here, I’m sick of hearing the songs because they start to play them way too early.
Had high, thin clouds all day so the sun was just barely peeking through. Only go up into the low 70’s but I love this kind of weather. I would rather have this year round instead of those nasty, hot summers. Still a little breezy, but seems to be calming down some.
When I first got Hiker, she would meet me at the door when I came home from being out all day. She would be all excited to see me. Now when I come home, she is in her soft crate and she waits to make sure it is me before she comes out to greet me. I keep telling her that I guess she’d let just anyone come into the house. Crazy dog.

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  1. Love those temps you have. Red Robin is always a good place to go. I found a station playing Christmas music and I'm glued to it. Can't get enough. Wonder what Hiker does when you are not there???


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