Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Partly Cloudy Or Partly Sunny

Hiker is the silliest dog. Last night she went to bed around 8 pm while I sat in the living room watching “NCIS”. I went to check on her around 8:45 pm. I find her lying smack in the middle of the bed, however, the pillows are all on the floor as is the comforter. I asked her what the mess was all about and she gave out a little growl.
Was around 45° when we got out of bed this morning. Had some breakfast and then I headed out to do my grocery shopping. The store was more crowded than normal. I’m guessing people were already starting to shop for their Thanksgiving meals.
Was even more cloudy when I got home. Even looked like it could rain. I paid a couple of bills and then settled down to watch “Y&R”.
I HATE THE LOCKHEED EMPLOYEE SERVICE CENTER! I got a call from them today telling me that my enrollment for my Kaiser Medicare Supplement through the Lockheed Group Plan was not complete because I had to be approved by Kaiser. I told them I was already approved by Kaiser and that I already had my new Kaiser Medicare medical card and that I had a confirmation from Lockheed for my enrollment online. They told me that Lockheed had to send me a 4-page form for the Lockheed Group Plan and send it to Kaiser to be approved before Lockheed would accept my enrollment choice. I told them that Kaiser had sent me the form and I had filled it out and sent it back to them several weeks ago and that they had already approved me. Lockheed then asked me for my Kaiser medical number and said they would have to follow-up with Kaiser. I then called Kaiser’s Medicare office and told them and they said they don’t understand what Lockheed’s problem is and that they would never have sent me my new medical ID Card if I had not been approved. Lockheed never should have outsourced the Employee Services to a third party. I’ll have to keep checking to make sure it gets straightened out.
I had to go by the post office this afternoon, so after that, Hiker and I drove up to Canyon Country Park and did a mile walk.

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  1. That insurance situation is just going to keep going round in circles. the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing.


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