Sunday, November 16, 2014

Very Windy Day

Got up early this morning to wash my sheets. I normally do that on Sunday, but I got up early because my neighbor Jean and I had planned to go to a holiday craft fair over at Old Orchard Park in Newhall, CA but it was so windy here this morning that we decided not to go. The wind was howling all night long and the gusts of wind were huge. I know Hiker was glad I wasn’t going because she hates it when I leave her home alone.
Decided to do some housework and then settled down to watch some TV.
Since it was a little cool outside because of the wind, I made some spaghetti and chili for lunch and some garlic bread.
Hiker and I headed out for a walk around 1:30 pm. It was still very windy and about 70°. No other people out walking this afternoon. Guess they didn’t want to risk the chance of getting blown away.

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  1. Gusty winds can cause all kinds of problems, I suppose. better to just stay put.


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