Friday, April 24, 2015

Another Stay Inside, Cloudy Day

Up early for the Friday dog walk and play date with Jean and her 3 pups. Very gray and cloudy again, but still no rain here. They claim it’s been raining in the mountains. It even snowed in Big Bear, CA yesterday, but it didn’t stick. It was chilly while we were out on my patio. After the walk when Hiker and I came back into the house, I had to turn on my heater for a little while to get the chill off the inside of the house.
This morning, Hiker noticed a black cat walking around in my back yard and she was having a fit, but I would not let her outside. Then later Hiker and I were sitting on the sofa when a squirrel went across the top of my back fence and Hiker saw it. She went charging out into the yard. The squirrel took off and jumped into my shade tree and climbed to the top as fast as it could. Hiker sat under the tree looking up at the squirrel while the squirrel stared down at Hiker making chattering noises at her. Sounded like they were having an argument.
After lunch I did some house cleaning, which is one of my favorite things to do…NOT!
This afternoon, Hiker and I were once again sitting on the sofa when 2 finches landed on my fence. Hiker went to the sliding door to look at them and then a raven landed on the fence right next to them and when Hiker saw that, she once again charged out into the yard to chase it away. She doesn’t want any other creatures in her yard. There were quite a few of them today.
Stayed cloudy and gray all day, but not a drop of rain. My brother Keith texted me that it had drizzled down in Orange County. Hoping the sun comes out tomorrow because my neighbor Jean and I are going to the Emergency Expo/Home And Garden Show over at the Hyatt.

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  1. Hiker is protecting the yard. How sweet. Have fun at the Home And Garden Show at the Hyatt. Sounds like a fun way to spend a day.


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