Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pretty Day After The Rain

This cooler weather we’ve been having for the past 2 days has really made me sleepy. I have slept through almost the entire night for the past 2 nights without waking up. Hiker still wakes me up early to go outside.
I usually send my brothers an email each morning while Hiker is outside doing her business to let them know I am OK, but this morning, I was still so asleep that I totally forgot to send the email. At 8 am, when Hiker got me out of bed, I got a text from my brother Keith asking if I was OK since he had not seen the regular morning email from me.
The past 2 mornings have been chilly here too. 40° outside and 60° inside, so I’ve had to turn my heater on to warm the house up.
So Hiker is slowly starting to get up on the new futon. I don’t think she likes the fact that she cannot see out of the window when she is on it like she could when she used to sleep on the ottoman bed.
For some reason, the futon is very easy to adjust into the bed position, but I’m having trouble getting it to go back into the sofa position. I just can’t get the hang of it. It seems the weight from the mattress makes it hard. When the mattress is not on the frame, it goes back into the sofa position very easily, but when I put the mattress back on the frame, I cannot get it to work. The mattress is pretty heavy as it is a thick one with pocketed coils. Good thing I don’t have to adjust it very often, only when Keith is here, and then maybe he can help me get it to work.
After lunch, Hiker and I drove over to Bridgeport Lake for a walk. There were a lot of people out there with their dogs and a lot of ducks and geese. One of the Canadian Geese hissed at Hiker. They can be pretty mean.
My walking is slowing down since I’m getting older. When I first retired 9 years ago, I walked every day, sometimes twice a day and I always did 2 to 4 miles, walking 4 miles per hour. Now I walk about 3 to 5 times a week and I walk 3 miles per hour. But at least I’m walking more again and even though I’m slower and don’t walk as far, it’s better than not walking at all.

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  1. Love the photos. BEAUTIFUL scenery. I thought futons were supposed to be easy to operate. Sounds like it's more complicated than I realized. hope you get the hang of it soon. I feel sorry for Hiker not being able to see out the window now.


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