Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lunch With The Ladies Tuesday

Did not get out of bed until 8 am this morning and I really did not want to get up then. I am telling my brain that I need to get back to getting up earlier in the morning and I REALLY need to get back to morning walks or hikes every single day like I used to do when I first retired 9 years ago. Actually I was still walking every day 5 years ago before Ben died. When he went into the hospital, that stopped and after he died, I just didn’t feel like walking, or doing anything else for that matter. When I got Hiker, I got back into walking and hiking again, but not as often as I really should. Now that I’ve been diagnosed with Osteopenia I need to get out more.
I know that if I start getting out walking more, I’ll lose some weight and I’ll have more energy. I just need to force myself to do it.
I met the group ladies for lunch at a new place today. None of us had ever been there. It was called Buffalo Wild Wings. It was “OK’ but we won’t go back again. The food was not all that great and it was pricey for what you got. It is a sports bar.
Three of the ladies wanted to meet Hiker, so I drove them over to my house. I could not believe how good Hiker was. Usually when stranger come to meet her, she barks, nips and their heels and growls a lot. I had warned her before I went to lunch that I might bring people home and that I wanted her to be a good girl. Well, she was. No barking, no nipping, no growling and she let them pet her without any problem. Guess she does listen to me (LOL).


  1. Walking is good for you, no doubt about it. I wish you well trying to increase your stamina. I can no longer walk because of my knees. We have a Buffalo Wild Wings here but I've never been. Now I won't bother after hearing your review. I think it's wonderful the ladies got to meet Hiker. Sounds like she was a real good girl. It's nice she listened to you.

  2. I love it when my dog understands what I want and then does it! Good dog Hiker!


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