Saturday, April 25, 2015

Home And Garden Show

Another gray and cloudy day here in SoCal. My brother Ron in northern California has been getting a little bit of rain, and my brother Keith said they had some drizzle yesterday, but so far, I have not seen a drop, mist or drizzle here in Santa Clarita.
My neighbor Jean and I went over to the Hyatt in Valencia this morning for the annual Home and Garden Show/Emergency Expo. I mostly like talking with the Red Cross people, the firefighters, the law enforcement and the animal control/rescue people. Also got some good information from the SCV water agencies about maintaining our lawns and shrubs during this drought.
I could not believe how many swimming pool and spa people were there trying to sell their products. Anyone with any brain would not be purchasing a pool or a spa during a 5 year drought.
Went outside to refill a couple of my hummer feeders and noticed it was pretty “nippy” out there. Hiker went out a couple of times after the mowers came, but she didn’t stay very long, so I think she noticed it too.

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  1. It has been a tad chilly here too. Sounds like you got some valuable info from the water agencies at the Expo. Glad you enjoyed the day.


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