Sunday, April 12, 2015

Talk About A Lazy Sunday!

When I got up around 6 am to let Hiker outside this morning, I felt like I could not wake up. Waited for Hiker to come back inside and then went back to bed and fell right back to sleep.
Last night was another one of those nights where I had crazy dreams all night long. Don’t really remember what they were all about, except that I remember I was at a car wash in one of them and in another one, I was driving around for hours running errands.
When I have these kinds of dreams, I always wake up exhausted the next morning. It’s as if I was really running around all night.
Didn’t have any plans for today, so I pulled the sheets off of my bed and gathered up all of my towels and threw them into the washing machine. Hiker went outside and laid in the sunshine.
I really should have gone out for a walk with Hiker today, but I just was not in the mood.
I was going through some old photographs to find some for my “4GottenFotos” blog and for my “Throwback Thursday” photos on Facebook. I sure am glad everything went digital. It is so much easier to store and look for photos on my computer than to go through the box full of old printed photos. I never realized how many printed photos I had.
My brother Ron called me from up north this afternoon. He just felt like chatting. He is still trying to decide if he is going to drive down here for a visit this summer.


  1. So do you have two brothers? Or just one? I'm friends with one on FB. Seems like a nice guy. I had a weird dream last night. I'm not even sure I want to repeat it. It was eerie. I always have weird dreams when I sleep over 7 hours or so.

    1. Sonya, I replied to you in a message on Facebook.

  2. Sounds like Hiker enjoyed her time in the sun. You had a nice quiet day, for sure. Those are always the good ones. Hope your other brother plans a visit.


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