Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Summer Already?

Woke up around 1:30 am with a terrible stomach ache this morning. Was not the kind that makes you throw-up. I’m guessing that it was from something I ate at the Souplantation yesterday because I remember the last time I went there, I had the same problem. Won’t be eating there anymore.
I had planned to get up early, have breakfast and then get over to Sam’s Club early to do my shopping, but since I was up for about 30 minutes with the stomach ache and then could not go back to sleep for a while, I decided to stay in bed for a while this morning.
I did go over to Sam’s Club, but just later than I had planned. At least Sam’s Club is never crowded like Costco. That’s why I dropped my Costco membership. I could never find a place to park and the store was always jammed with people. Never have trouble finding a place to park at Sam’s and I like their store better because it seems cleaner to me. They have pretty much the same kind of merchandise that Costco does.
When I got home around 10 am, it was already 85° on my patio thermometer. Speaking of my indoor/outdoor thermometer. For some reason it kept beeping, which scares Hiker half to death. I don’t know why beeps, dings, etc. scare her. She hates the ringtones and alert sounds on my cell phone. She tries to hide in small places when she hears them, or she tries to get behind me on the sofa.
Had to run my A/C this afternoon. Was in the high 90’s here.

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  1. I used to go to Sam's Club years ago. I really liked it too. Sorry to hear about your stomach troubles. Hope they are resolved. I would not go back to that restaurant, that's for sure. Noises bother our pets ears, it's true.


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