Saturday, April 18, 2015

Feeling More And More Like Summer Here

Went to bed around 9 pm last night but didn’t fall asleep until about 10:30. Woke up several times during the night but was able to go back to sleep pretty quickly. Had my “usual” strange dreams.
Hiker didn’t wake me up until 6:32 am to go outside. I was so drowsy that we went right back to bed when she came back in. Dozed off and on until just before 8 am and finally got out of bed.
Did my usual Saturday morning stuff…a load of laundry, sorting all of my pills in my big pill organizer for next week, waited for the mowers to come do the yard.
After lunch, Hiker and I went for a walk. It didn’t feel too hot when we started out even though it was about 82°. There was a nice breeze blowing, but then on the way back, it started to feel hotter. At least we got out for some exercise and sunshine.
I uncovered my A/C unit and turned it on to make sure it’s working before summer gets here. I always like to check it out in case I have to call someone to repair it. The air blowing out of the vents seemed to be nice and cold, so seems OK.

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  1. 82 doesn't sound bad. It was 77 here today. Strange dreams always leave me feeling unsettled. What about you? Glad you and Hiker had a nice day doing what you do. Enjoy the weekend.


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