Friday, April 3, 2015

Fun Day With My Brother Keith

Was awakened by the new neighbor’s yappy little dog at 5 am this morning. These neighbors were renting a house just down the block from the house behind me. When that house sold, they moved into the one behind me. I’m guessing they let the dog outside to go potty while they were getting ready for work. It barked continuously for 35 minutes before they let it back into the house. Could be that the dog is just getting used to its new home, plus it can see Jean’s dogs if it goes up the hill and it can probably smell Hiker and my other neighbors dog Cayenne. Hopefully the 5 am barking will not become a regular thing.
Keith slept in while Hiker and I went for a dog walk with Jean then we let the dogs play in my back yard for a while.
For lunch, Keith and I went over to Phat “N” Juicy Burger. I got the regular Phat Burger and Keith got the Chili and Cheese Phat Burger. They were yummy. The French fries there are really good too.
After lunch, we went over to the 97¢ Store so I could pick up some more of the Airwick canisters for my automatic room sprayers. They have a pack of 4 for $9.99. Even Sam’s Club charges $13.00 for a pack of 4, plus Sam’s Club does not have the scents I like lately.
We also swung by the Dollar Tree and Big Lots, but did not buy anything there. Came home and put Hiker into the car and headed over to Central Park for a walk. We did about a mile and a half and did not run into any rattlesnakes this time.
Probably won’t go out again unless we decide to go out to dinner instead of eating at home.

My brother Keith at the dog park.

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  1. Sounds like a nice day with your brother. Hope the pup behind you learns to mind his manners that early in morning. Have a great Saturday.


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