Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday

Got up around 7:45 am. Made some waffles for breakfast and then Hiker, Keith and I walked down to the liquor store so I could buy my lottery tickets. We walked almost 2 miles total.
Came back home and just hung out around the house for a while. I washed my sheets and towels.
At lunch time, Keith and I went over to Der Wienerschnitzel. We were the only people there for the entire 30 minutes we were eating.
Keith left to head for home around 1 pm. He was not looking forward to the drive back down to Orange County.
After he left, I put the sheets back on my bed and filled one of my hummer feeders. Also made out my grocery list so I can go over to Stater Brothers tomorrow.
Today was Ben's and my 35th wedding anniversary. I don't believe that our marriage ended with his death. When I said my vows (until death do us part), I meant for eternity.
Was cooler here today. Only made it up into the low 70’s and it was hazy. They are saying we might get some rain on Tuesday. We need every drop of rain we can get.

Me and Ben about 7 or 8 years ago.

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  1. Hope your brother had a safe ride home. Life is so short we never know what is around the next bend.That is a wonderful picture of you and your husband. I know your loss lingers. I hope you had a HAPPY Easter in spite of it.


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