Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Out For Lunch On A Hot Day

Hiker did something strange last night. She was asleep at my feet on the sofa. Suddenly, she woke up, raised her head and started looking around frantically. First she looked behind her on the right, then on the left. Her eyes were huge. Then she jumped off the sofa and started looking around the room like she was searching for something. She looked at the ceiling and then at me, like she was trying to figure out where she was. I said her name and went to her and started petting her and she calmed down some, but she still acted strange until we went to bed. I’m thinking she must have been having a dream and when she woke up, she was trying to get her bearings like we sometimes do when we wake up from a dream. She seemed fine this morning.
Met the group girls for lunch at the Souplantation over in Valencia. They brought a new member of the group named Robin. She is very nice. Her husband died about a year ago. Hope she continues to join us.
Very hot here today. Was 95° on my patio thermometer when I got home from lunch a little after 2 pm. We go from chilly, cloudy, and drizzly to summer in just 2 days. Amazing.


  1. That was some dream Hiker must have had. Glad she got her bearings and was alright. This morning at 7 there was frost all over my windows, then by 3pm it was 70 outside. Like you said temps vary wildly.

  2. Our little chihuahua has done something similar to that. She'll jump up and hide somewhere like she's scared. Sometimes she'll jump up with a yelp and look at us like we did something to her. I don't know if she was dreaming or had some sudden pain from her joints. She has luxating patellas on her back legs. Our yorkie does too, it is common to those breeds. Rylie (chihuahua) holds her back right paw up a few seconds sometimes when she goes out but that seems to be the worst of it. Charlie's doesn't seem to bother him at all. Take care, Sheila


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