Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Sun - No Sun - Sun - No Sun

Hiker woke me up whimpering at 6:01 am. I guess she heard the chimes on the grandfather clock and I didn’t, so she decided to wake me up to let her outside. I don’t know how she learned to tell time (LOL).
Went back to bed when she came in, but didn’t go back to sleep. I turned on the local news and Hiker and I cuddled.
Got up at 7 am and had breakfast, then I headed out to do my grocery shopping. The sun was peeking out when we first got up, but then it started to get cloudy as the morning turned into afternoon.
But then the sun came out again after lunch, so Hiker and I went for a walk down through Discovery Park and then along the Santa Clara Riverbed path and back.


  1. That is funny about Hiker telling time. So do my kitties.

  2. Pretty shot, looks like a great day for a walk with Hiker. Happy Thursday!


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