Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Got A New "Toy"

I wanted to stay in bed until around 8 am this morning because I knew when I got up I had some housework to do, but Hiker had different ideas. She wanted to play. So we played for about 15 minutes while still in bed. She likes to wrestle. We finally got up a little after 7 am.
Had some breakfast, then Hiker and I walked down to our community office so I could pay my land lease for the month. Hiker knows that Marcie has dog treats at her desk, so she actually pulled me all the way from our house to the office.
When we got back home, I mopped all of my hard surfaced floors and did some long overdue dusting. Dusting is one thing I always put off because I hate doing it, so I had about a foot of dust on the furniture (April Fools!). Actually there wasn’t that much, but it was pretty bad.
Bought myself a new toy on Amazon and it was delivered today. As if I don’t already have enough computers. Bought a Winbook TW700 tablet. So now I have three laptops, an iPad, and Windows Tablet and my iPhone. I mostly play games on my iPad, but I wanted a tablet with Microsoft Windows on it so I can use it with my network computers.
I bought a Kindle Paper White eReader about a year and a half ago and I was reading about a book every two months for about a year. Now I don’t use it at all. I probably should try to sell it or just give it so someone who will use it.


  1. Your Winbook tablet looks like a fun new addition to your stuff. I love my Kindle Paper White but i still use old fashioned books too. Glad Hiker got a treat for her efforts to pull you along. take care.

  2. I just love all this new technology!

  3. I just love all this new technology!


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