Monday, April 20, 2015

Was I Hacked?

Had our dog walk with Jean this morning. After she left and I had breakfast, I just felt like making today a “do nothing” day. Since we got up early yesterday and this morning, plus last night I stayed up watching the Academy of Country Music Awards, I felt tired. Could also be from the hike we did yesterday.
I usually do not watch award shows, but decided to watch the country one last night. I used to watch the country ones all of the time, but I barely listen to the radio anymore, so I have no idea who most of the new artists are. But since this was the 50th year and they were having several of my old favorites like Reba, Garth, Alan Jackson, George Strait and Brooks & Dunn, I decided to watch. Some of the people who claim to be country singers these days don’t sing country music as far as I’m concerned.
So as I said, I was LAZY all day. For some reason I was just really tired.
Guess my email address got hacked today. I started getting several emails from friends and family telling me they had gotten a very strange looking email from me. I did not send the email, so I went into my email account and changed my password. Hope that does the trick.
If you got an email from me with nothing in the body but a link, don’t open it.

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  1. I like lazy days too. Sounds like you enjoyed the Academy of Country Music Awards. I missed it but saw a few of the songs on You Tube the next day. And the gossip columns all showed the outfits everybody wore. Sorry to hear you were hacked. Hate when that happens.


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