Sunday, April 19, 2015

Nice Morning Hike Today

I know I had said I was NOT going to get up early over this weekend, but I did. Hiker and I got up at 6 am and by 7 am, we were heading up to Vasquez Rocks County Park. By 7:25 we were there, but to my surprise, the entrance gate was still closed. They don’t open until 8 am. I thought they were open from sunrise to sunset like some of the other open areas are.
To kill some time, Hiker and I took a nice early morning drive over to the little town of Acton, then headed back to Vasquez. There were a lot of docents there today cleaning the area up. For a while, there weren’t many other hikers or climbers, but more were coming in as the morning went on.
I was looking to see if there were any more wild flowers to photograph, but the majority of them have wilted and died. The last time Hiker and I were at Vasquez, about a month ago, everything was so green and there were wild flowers all over, but now everything has dried out and turned brown.
We didn’t have a specific trail that we were going to hike, so we just more or less meandered all over the park. We hiked almost 2 miles and I took several photos. I have so many photographs of the Vasquez Rocks area. People probably get tired of looking at them, but the colors are always changing and the shadows are always changing.
When my feet and knees started to hurt, I knew it was time to head for home.
When we got back home, Hiker went out into the back yard to take a nap while I washed my sheets. I also decided I needed a haircut, so I took care of that before I finally sat down to check my email.
For the rest of the day, I watched TV while Hiker napped in one spot of the house and then, would move to another, and then to another.
Some Finches have found her outside water bowl and for some reason, they sit on the rim of it and poop into her water. She saw one out there a while ago and couldn’t wait to get out there to chase it away. Good girl Hiker!

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  1. Meandering around the park sounds like fun. The photos of the area are great. Good for Hiker chasing that bird pooping bird.


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