Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Another Great Lunch With My Friends

Got out of bed around 7 am, had a little breakfast and then started working on my Shutterfly websites. Since I’m new to Shutterfly, I’m still learning how it works.
Was nice a cool this morning and I sat on the patio for a while watching Hiker eat grass and sniff the air.
Went to meet the ladies in my widows group for lunch at Chili’s over in Valencia.
When I got home, I noticed that Hiker kept acting like she was gagging a little bit. She was making that noise and action like she might throw up. I gave her some small pieces of bread in case she had a piece of food stuck in her throat and she seemed to be better after I did that. It scares me when she acts like something is wrong, especially since she cannot tell me what the problem is.
Tomorrow we are going to do a morning dog walk with Jean before Jean drives me over to Kaiser in Valencia to have the measurement done on my right eye to prepare for my cataract surgery…whenever that will be. Won’t know until after I see the surgeon next week. I’m looking forward to getting the surgery done because my eyesight in my right eye is getting really bad.
Was 98° here again today.

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